Did you know? We are the first in Canada to provide a hearing aid rentals program!

At Hearing Aid Rental, we are here to help you better manage your hearing health. By providing you with the opportunity to rent your device, Hearing Aid Rental makes it possible to find a hearing aid that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Your rental agreement also includes:

  • A thorough diagnosis and follow-up with a trained hearing health professional
  • A full warranty on your device
  • The possibility to replace the device after 36 months’ rental

Don’t let hearing loss slow you down! Take advantage of our professionalism, expertise, and understanding, and we'll work with you to provide the highest quality products and service available.

Security and Compliance

At Hearing Aid Rental we take patient information and security very seriously. We have built the Hearing Aid Rental system with MedStack technology which is complaint with both Canadian (PHIPA) and US (HIPAA) requirements. Full compliance with these regulations helps lower overall risk, as they are based on accepted information technology "best practices."